Wednesday, October 1, 2014

White Christmas (Repainting a Christmas Village)

Sorry it has been so very long since I've had anything interesting to share.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  I have been working on projects for people, but not really anything that I felt was worthy of a post......enough about that.

Today while in the midst of other work, I decided to tackle one fun thing.  Last year Karli mentioned that she would love to have her Christmas Village painted white........Then she would perhaps want to display it at her home for the Holidays.  That meant she was interested in taking all those boxes that Mom had stored all these years.

Say what..........She'd had these since she was just a little girl.  People started getting them for her as gifts.  She does have a few pieces that are Dept. 56, but many of them were purchased for her at the Grocery Store or Drug Store.  Some are not of the highest quality.  That is why I am willing to paint them.....and also the fact that they are hers, even though I've been storing them for the last 25 years.  She can do with them what she wishes.  So......white they will be.

I found this picture of how she set them all up one year.  She spent hours working with the snow to hide the cords and also to get the trees just right.  And then, there were all those little village people who had to "stand up" in that snow.  Oh, the memories.

This was the last year she set them all up.  She put them on the shelves above the buffet in the dining room here at home.  I had made the "sky" on the top shelf out of painted plywood.  If you look closely you'll see Santa riding across the moon.

But.....that was a long time ago.  She is over that now.  The Christmas Village needed a fresh new look so here is the one house that I started with.

The colors were a little bright and "perhaps gawdy" so I decided if it turned out terrible it would only be a small loss.  This particular ceramic house was also extremely shiny, maybe even more than a little bit cheap looking.  It did not even have a brand name on the bottom.


I used the Krylon Dual Spray Paint in Flat White.  It has the built in primer so I didn't sand the house or anything.  Just sprayed on three light coats.  (Easy Peasy!)

                  Here are the befores:

                  Here are the afters:

I think Karli is going to love these. They have a fresh new look and will be beautiful at her home this Christmas season.  I think she had a great idea for making these into something that she will love again.  I'm betting they will give her almost as much enjoyment now as they did when she was only 8.  And, if I hadn't painted them, they would still be stored in boxes at my house. 

Look for a post later when she displays this "White Christmas Village" at her house.

Happy Holidays,

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September and Dirty Windows...

I haven't washed our windows in more than a month. There are doggie nose prints on the sliding glass door and our front picture window...

Nose prints left by our sweet Porter, waiting to be let outside or excited to see someone coming home. And now the house is too quiet. We said goodbye to Porter on September 6th.

It all started with a cough, from a dog who had never coughed. We took him to the ER vet on the Sunday before Labor Day. He had a fever and was coughing so we went home with antibiotics. The cough went away...the fever never did. Then the shivering, whining and pacing started...his sweet eyes filled with confusion and pain. Back to the vet mid week where they determined he was in pain caused somewhere in his back. He spent a few hours with the ER vet on Wednesday night but they called us at 3:00 am to tell us that he was crying and howling and very confused. We went to pick him up and I immediately noticed something different. My beloved dog no longer really knew who we were. It felt like he was looking right through us.

Thursday we got Porter into the car and drove to our regular vet. When we got there, he wouldn't stand up. The wonderful doctors there ran through all the symptoms again, so patient with us as we described a rapid progression of weird things. We went home with new pain meds. 

And Porter continued to howl and pace and look right through us. This continued on for days and days through numerous different drugs, trying to get his pain under control to no avail. Finally, I called our vet on his cell on Saturday afternoon and he said the words I feared, "At this point we need to see a neurologist and we're looking for something really big and bad and scary. No one will fault you for ending his pain at this point."

An amazingly kind lady came to our home on Saturday night and let Porter finally get some sleep and peace. He left this world in the comfort of his own bed in our family room. He was only 7 and we'd only been blessed to be his people for 3 1/2 years. It wasn't long enough and he was too young.

We'll never really know what happened, but the most likely thing is that he had a brain tumor.

I miss his kisses. I miss hearing his four happy feet on the floor coming to greet me when I get home. I miss having a soft, warm loving, living being to hug and pet and cuddle with.

This afternoon we spread his ashes in the backyard...his domain! He is no longer in pain and we'll see him again someday.

Run free sweet boy. We love you.

~Karli and Brent

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Paris Street Market: A Recap

This post is long overdue...(we've had quite a lot of exciting things going on. more to come on that soon)

We did it!

We planned and worked and finally made it to the big day. (After loading the U-Haul oh so carefully)

The show opened at 8:00, but we had customers beginning at 7:30 and we were busy all morning. There was one point where we had a line of people waiting to pay!

We didn't even have time to take many photos before some of our large pieces started moving.


It was rewarding. It was exhilarating. It was a lot of hard work. It was all worth it.

One of the best parts was meeting the customers who fell madly in love with a few of our items. Knowing they were going to a good home gave us both such a wonderful feeling.

Thank you for all of your support, love, and well wishes. We felt them all!

Now we have to replenish our inventory. We sold A LOT!!

Kandy and Karli (Kindred Style)