Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Plans for a Backyard Makeover

If you've been following along with us for a while now, you'll remember previous posts about the exterior of my house and all the work we've done!

We painted the exterior.

We installed a utility shed.

We added a front sidewalk.

We tore out more bushes and trees than I can count.

One thing we've wanted since day one, was a bigger, better deck on the back of the house. The little 12 x 12 wood square is no longer suiting our needs. We love to entertain and spend time outside. We always end up with camping chairs, folding tables and pop-up tents spread all over the grass to accommodate our guests.

So this week I started daydreaming about how we can renovate and reimagine our backyard. Just look at this beautiful view!


We have nearly half an acre, so space really isn't an issue. We do have a sloped lot though. Things start to go uphill once you get about 20 to 40 feet from the back of our house. There are some degrading retaining walls to help break up the hill. Fixing that may be phase two.

So in my daydreaming, I've found a few landscaping companies with portfolios I really admire and I've turned to Pinterest for some ideas. Here's our checklist of items we want:
  • Several seating areas
  • Outdoor kitchen area (we would love a pizza oven, but that may be asking too much)
  • Fire pit
  • Pergola
  • Better retaining walls
  • New stairs

That's really no small project. But a girl can dream, right?

Here's our inspiration!

Source--Blog no longer active


Source: Gorgeous Home D├ęcor (link not working)





The last image is a design rendering from Elite Landscaping. They're coming out to give us an initial consultation this Friday. I can hardly contain myself. I love how it hit all of our want list (minus the retaining wall and stairs which will likely be phase two). Now we'll see how much that will all cost. :(

Looking forward to more!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Entry Inspiration

I just found the most amazing vintage bench. A neighbor brought it back from her grandmother's estate in Pennsylvania. It did need a little TLC before it was ready for its debut at Unlisted.

I worked on it last week and today it had its first showing!

Here's how it looks in our current space:

Did you know you can follow us on Facebook to get the latest news on the items we're bringing in to the store? You can also follow me on Instagram, but you'll also get a fair share of food, dog and travel photos too!

Back to the bench...It really got me thinking how perfect it would be in an entry way. I always like to provide some sort of "landing place" in an entry way. This way there's a place for guests to place a purse or even a place for you to leave mail or keys. So I turned to Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs.

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for how to style this.

First, keep it simple. Add this to a narrow hall under a few family photos. Easy as that!

Via Beneath My Heart
Or add a couple very simple pillows for texture and color. Hang a big mirror above so you (or guests) can check their reflection before heading out the door.

Via The Polo House
And this is my favorite. Form and function all in one! Add a couple baskets for hats and gloves...maybe shoes if that's your thing. Some simple hooks above can house coats, hats or a seasonal decorative item.

Via Bless 'Er House
What do you have at your entryway? Right now I have a console table with a lamp, a clock and a big mirror above. Hmm, maybe I should rethink selling this bench. I just love it!

Hope you're having a great week,

Friday, January 22, 2016

Coming Soon: A Nursery!!!

You read that right! And if you're a friend or family member, you already know...

Brent and I are expecting our first child in July. We are so excited to be parents and continue this crazy thing called life!

Jackson is getting in on the action too!

We shared the news on social media last week and we've been overwhelmed with all the love pouring in. We prayed for this child for several years and are so thankful that our time has come.

For now, we've painted the nursery and are starting to work on furniture for the space. The little one will be using his cousins' crib (thank you Caren!) and enjoying a lovely gray room. We're keeping it all fairly gender neutral with gray, khaki, black and white colors. There will be several wood pieces mixed in for a nice, cozy space.

I can't wait to share more with you as the time passes!

Happy blessings all around,