Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Fun Day: Surprise for our Readers

As promised, we have a surprise just for you, our loyal blog readers!

Tomorrow we'll be participating in the Paris Street Market for the very first time. We are so excited to be a part of this popular event and we're sharing the excitement with you...

If you stop by our booth and mention that you read the blog, you'll get 10% off any item we have for sale that day!

It's just our little way of thanking you for following along our journey and supporting our venture. The show opens at 8:00 am at Aspen Grove Shopping Center.

We hope to see you there!

Kandy and Karli

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Painted Furniture Reveal

I spent the weekend painting, sanding, touching up, cleaning and finishing several more pieces of furniture. They'll be displayed in our booth at the Paris Street Market on August 2nd. If you see something you love, make sure to come see us!

Up you remember those chairs I found a few months ago? They were covered with a blue pinstripe, so I reupholstered them in a lovely khaki linen. I seriously contemplated a large black number on each seat. I may offer that fun option if someone buys these.


Up next, take a look at how these tables turned out. They each needed some TLC and a more modern look. (See their original state here)


I also have this black dining table and four very sturdy black chairs. The chairs are really comfortable!


This large square black coffee table has great chunky legs.

This smaller square side table would be perfect next to a reading chair.

On Friday we're going to announce a wonderful surprise for our loyal blog readers who are able to come see us on Saturday. Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Heirloom Wedding Bouquet

I had this post planned from the moment we started this blog but finally got around to finishing it this week. When I got married I didn't consider wearing my mom's dress...I just tore it apart. With her permission of course!

My grandmother made my mom's wedding dress. And there's a rumor that some of the buttons were "stolen" from my aunt's dress, which my grandmother had also made. 

In an effort to include heirloom items in my wedding, my mom decided to let me use a sleeve/cuff from her dress to make the decorative holder for my bridal bouquet.

Here's the finished, beautiful product! It made my bouquet just that much more special.

(PS we purchased all the flowers for the wedding from Costco for a steal!)


Our wedding was photographed by A and A Photography. LOVE them!

Thanks Mom, for letting me "borrow" part of your dress for my special day.